The Writers Census

The seeds of a well drafted story usually are formed by the activities we engage in on a daily basis. For some writers the seeds can come from reading another story or watching it play out on the big screen. For others a story will come from an experience that somehow embeds itself into our memory bank. This experience is usually married to the feelings that wake us up in the morning or taunt us in the deep recesses of a dream. AS writers we take these experiences and mold them into a story that might help us go through the process. Or provide the release from the emotion we feel.

With the sims game,  some people use it to formulate a story or animated film on youtube. The 3D game provides users with the images and characters needed to bring life to that story.

There are other prompts used to create stories like fanfiction. Fanfiction is a great phenomenon dominating the web. Many have used this means to express their imaginations about a famous person they like or love. Whatever the case might be the liberation of creative writing is there; the audience and support is there.

For those of you pursing creative writing as career, how many of you use the following to build yourself as a writer



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