CH. 1.8 -Finding Out

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After a few sips of his drink, Jimmy left and headed to Navah’s house. He followed the GPS on his phone, to the address Navah gave him.


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Following fifteen minutes, Jimmy became concerned if he was following the right direction. As he walked, he saw a group of locals and decided to ask them for help.


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When he got close to them, he heard a tad bit of their conversation.

Woman: The economy is really suffering and I worry about what I will feed my children when cost of living goes up. 
Man: That’s why I keep telling my daughter to start a business and make her own money 
Woman: I don’t mean to me a sour puss but even that is costly


Image 1.7.37
Jimmy: Not if you do it the right way

The man and woman stopped talking. They quickly glanced at Jimmy with curiosity in their gaze. The leaned back and her eyes brightened with annoyance gleaming through them. The older looking man grinned and kindly gazed at Jimmy.

Woman: Excuse me? 
Jimmy: I’m sorry, I don’t mean to cut in on your conversation 
Woman: then don’t’

Jimmy raised an eye-brow at the woman’s tone


Image 1.7.38
Man: Come on Liberty be nice

Liberty: I’m sorry, but it really irks me when people intrude on conversations that don’t involve them.

Jimmy didn’t like it either but hearing them talk about the economy stirred the business man in him.

Jimmy: I apologize, I honestly mean no harm. I actually came to ask you for directions

The woman folded her arms, and provided Jimmy with a hostile stare.

Liberty: Ugh! Look I want to finish this run and then head home. I’ll talk to you later Dom

With another scathing glance, the woman turned and jogged away.

Both Jimmy and Dom laughed


Image 1.7.39
Sorry about that

Dom: Think nothing of it. She’s more bark than bite but if she were like someone else I know I’d tell you to run.

Jimmy (chuckles): I’ve had a few encounters with women of such likes, and trust me, running is all I do when I see them.

Both: women…can’t live with them and can’t live without them


Image 1.7.40
Seriously, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I did hear you mention that you encouraged your daughter to start a business  

Dom: I have been talking to her about it. She has the knack for it and with the way things are going in the economy, I believe there are lucrative methods to attain a stable and sufficient income. 
Jimmy: Very true  
Dom: Are you working? 
Jimmy: Not at the moment. I’ve been taking my time to settle down 
Dom: settle down? That means you recently moved here from somewhere 
Jimmy: that’s correct 
Dom: OK…from where if you don’t mind me asking 
Jimmy: a place very far from here

Dom chuckled as if he knew that Jimmy was avoiding to give him a straight answer. He rubbed his chin and stared right into Jimmy’s eyes.

Dom: do you have any family here 
Jimmy: No, I am a lone ranger

Image 1.7.41
Dom: Hmmm. I’ve been down that lonely road before but through the process of time I found myself marrying the most beautiful woman in the world.

Dom’s face lit up as he spoke with such pride.

Jimmy: I can’t say that will ever happen to me 
Dom: I hear you and I understand why you would think like that but take it from me. There is nothing you can do to avoid the person that can and will unlock your heart.

Reflecting on his previous life, Jimmy understood exactly what Dom was talking about.



Image 1.8.9Female: Now that you have completed your studies what is your next move?

Move? Jimmy thought.

Throughout the years of him studying, he hadn’t thought of that. His main focus was finishing his degree. Staring into the beautiful woman’s eyes he could feel certainty in them.  Transfixed he blurted out the only thing his heart would let him speak.

Jimmy: I’m not sure where my feet will carry me but I do know some day I will need someone special to come with me.

The realization shone through the beautiful woman’s eyes as she said

 Woman: Like a wife
Jimmy: Yes…a wife!



Image 1.7.42
Dom observed Jimmy

Dom: Has someone unlocked your heart? 
Jimmy: There was someone but it didn’t work out 
Dom: I’m sorry to hear that 
Jimmy: It’s alright. Unfortunate, yes, but I’m over it
Dom: Are you really?

Jimmy looked away before giving Dom his honest answer

Jimmy: To be truthful I don’t know. I’ve had my run-ins with a few faces that have reminded me of what I don’t have. 
Dom (sighs):  Trust me, I know exactly what you are talking about. Before marrying Moira I was in love with another woman. Her name was Hannah Brooks


Image 1.7.43
Dom: We went to the same primary school together. When I turned twenty-one, I was ready to marry her but that did not go as planned. 

Dom’s chest heaved in and out as he said the last bit.

Jimmy: What happened? 
Dom: we were not ready for marriage. I was still in school and she wanted to focus on her doctorate in science. By the time I turned thirty, and she graduated from university, she had moved on. I did as well – the rest, as they say, is history
Jimmy: Do you regret your decision 
Dom: At one point I did and it almost destroyed the relationship I developed with Moira. One time we met up and I tell you, seeing Hannah awoke all kinds of emotions. 
Jimmy: Hmmmm! 

I was even ready to sleep with her. 

Jimmy: Wow!
Dom: I started distancing myself from Moira and she could sense something was off about me. I was a confused wreck.


Image 1.7.44
I can just imagine. So what did you do to finally make your choice? 

Dom (smiles): that is another story for another time but trust me I will share it with you when the time is right. I don’t want to keep you from wherever it is you are going but we can exchange numbers. 
Jimmy: yeah no problem
Dom: you were asking for directions to an address.  
Jimmy: Yes. I’m looking for Nookstone


Image 1.7.45
Dom: Nookstone? Nookstone? Oh yes, it’s right behind us. If you follow in the direction where Liberty went, you will see the house. In fact it’s right across the street from where we are.

Jimmy gazed around and he saw a house that looked like a shack. He questioned if the directions given were right.

Dom: It was nice meeting you?

Jimmy: Jimmy Bogsmirth.

Dom: Jimmy? Nice name. Mine is Dominic Fyres. You can call me Dom

Jimmy: Nice to meet you too Dom and thanks for the address

Dom waved him off and proceeded to walk away

Dom: You take it easy, we’ll talk soon.


Image 1.8.14
Meeting Dominic was very interesting. There was something about the man that made Jimmy feel safe. His whole vibe was welcoming. He seemed to have a good head on his shoulder, and his eyes held a glint of stillness. He was so calm when he spoke and his tone was very fatherly.


Image 1.8.15
As Jimmy stared at the house seemingly belonging to Navah, he thought about what Dom said.


Image 1.8.16
He thought about Mara and how much she reminded him of the one person he was willing to give his heart to.


Image 1.8.17
Getting close to the door, Jimmy’s phone beeped interrupting his thought process. Looking the screen he saw that it was a text message from Navah. She was asking if he was still coming.

Image 1.8.15
Instead of responding, Jimmy closed his phone, and made his way towards the door. Checking the address on his phone, and reading the mailbox, Jimmy confirmed he was at the right location. He raised his hand to ring the door bell, but a thought made him pause.

She was friends with Eliza. Could she be trusted?

There was only one way of finding out.





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    1. I took a second look and I must say, he does. That is such an irony I made Jimmy with the sims 4 demo and Dom was created by the people at Maxis. Interesting 🙂

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