CH. 1.6 – Ted Things

image200_zpsbal58maxTime was truly like the wind. It came and went. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Four months, to be exact, found Jimmy well settled into his living space. Within the span of those months his life went in a cycle that was expected AND unexpected.


image201-6-1_zpseoc3a0v0Expectedly, most mornings, Jimmy’s feet were hitting the pavement. He would go around the block for about thirty minutes, or more and then cool off by walking around again. His jogs really did him good, giving his body the energy it needed and allowing his mind to re-purpose itself.

During his jogs he was able to relax and forget about the things that troubled him at night. There were nights when he would dream about the life he use to live before moving to Willow Creek. He would have dreams of the people he cared about but wished to forget.


image201-6-2_zpsxttml76wExpected and unexpected, he would take time to scour his lot for odds and ends. Usually he would find mushrooms but on special times, he’d find rock gems situated around his property. It was hard to identify exactly what they were but, Jimmy was certain their value was worth more, than the clothes on his body.


image201-6-3_zps5kdkfglkExpectantly, after his so called scavenger hunt he would take time to clean up his space. There wasn’t much for him to do but spread his bed, clean his half bathroom, and clean the kitchen. Thanks to the parents – he intentionally put out of his mind – he knew how to scrub properly.


image201-6-4_zpst5ubkqlgExpectantly, the garden of growing mushrooms, was coming along quite well. With his gardening skills expanding to a new level, Jimmy was able to plant a tree and a small grape plant. Harvesting was a pleasure because he was able to get over eighty mushrooms. The market value for them wasn’t much, but on the other hand, a whole bunch of them together garnered a good penny. It still didn’t get Jimmy, financially, out of the red but his hunger needs praised his efforts.


image201-6-5_zps9qnlud3aTo cap off his day, as usual, Jimmy would sit at his chess table and let his mind focus. He would  think on the things he would do the next day. Of course he didn’t have to think too hard because he knew his day would be as expected – jog, hunt, work in the garden, and play chess.


image201-6-6_zpsniwznuviOccasionally, he would call Eric but his good friend was facing issues at home so he was next to not available.


image201-6-7_zpsjm5kdbq0Mara, with whom he developed a deep care for, was not returning his calls. That was unexpected.
On a hunch, Jimmy believed one of their outings together must’ve spooked her.


image201-6-8_zpsxshxsdpqThe last time he had seen her was when he went to the gym for a work out.


image201-6-9_zpsab7cjnlpIt so happened that she was supposed to meet a friend, who, apparently had stood her up. To not make the day go to waste, Jimmy had entreated Mara to work out with him.


image201-6-11_zpsof6zajovWhile helping Mara to stretch, Jimmy accidentally fell on top of her. His body screamed and her rosy cheeks said it all.


image201-6-10_zps9eusfmffFollowing that incident, their outings and calls diminished. Jimmy tried to push the thought away that Mara was avoiding him but there was nothing else he could think of to prove him otherwise. He left countless of messages on her phone to the point he was beginning to feel like stalker.
Uncomfortable with how it made him feel he decided to leave well enough alone. He figured when Mara was ready, she would show herself. She knew where he lived and she had his messages on her answering machine.


image201-6-12_zpspd7k1js2For the most part Jimmy was alone and he had no complaints for the solitude. Deep down he did feel slightly off about Mara missing in action but he didn’t let it bother him too much.

image201-6-13_zpsxcl9k49eIn the midst of his expected routine there was one thing that concerned him very much – his open home. He desperately wanted to change it because within the same four months, someone had seized the opportunity to keep his company. It was expected and unexpected.


image201-6-14_zpsnxmv9sjuJimmy really thought Eliza Pancake would’ve left him alone, after their mutual conversation months ago, did not go in the way she hoped.


image201-6-15_zpsi9lunzjvWhen they were talking, Jimmy did tried to be the friendly host. In fact he was ready to open up and talk business with Eliza since she opened up about her husband’s business ventures.


image201-6-16_zpspbbpeijb As it were, Jimmy was struggling with the memories from his past and he couldn’t be as entertaining as Eliza hoped.

image201-6-17_zpsfhhrlfiz To be fair she did try to offer some form of support by asking him if he was okay. Unfortunately, for Eliza, Jimmy was not the type of man to talk personal stuff with people he didn’t know, especially ones he was skeptical about.


image201-6-18_zpsah9yj0xj Eliza surely got that message because she left his house with a sour expression.



image201-6-19_zpsk1hr5o0f Unexpectedly, the day following her last visit, Eliza showed up again. Like ice against scalding hot water, Jimmy’s resolve came down, and he entertained her in a pleasant conversation.


image201-6-20_zpspfbfwhsw With the days growing long, Eric preoccupied, Mara MIA and Jimmy always at home, he slowly started to appreciate his friendly visitor. She was constantly coming over and keeping his company. And what seem like a strained dialogue opened both Jimmy and Eliza into new common ground.

Deep down red flags were sprouting but he was growing fond of Eliza’s visits. He even for a slight moment checked her out and that took him by SURPRISE.

Being a man, he was able to see why Bob (poor guy!) stayed married to a woman who seemed to have interests in other areas than her own home.

image201-6-21_zpsek6wxphq He wouldn’t call it a physical attraction, but Eliza was certainly a beautiful woman. Her eyes did have a glint of mischief, and whenever she would open her mouth, Jimmy would hear something laced in her “honeyed” voice. It really left him questioning if his friendly neighbor was looking for something outside of her marriage or up to something. Whichever the case might be it was hard for Jimmy to keep himself from developing any form of like for her. With her constant visits he realized being a loner didn’t immune him from the possible connections a man could make with a woman, no matter how treacherous or sneaky she was!


Pancake Residence- Current day


image201-6-22_zps4yll90twWhile Jimmy was there struggling with the expected and unexpected, his friendly neighbor was cooking something that was unforeseen.

Eliza: I am running out of options and I need you to do this for me.

Voice: I can’t get involved in another one of your schemes Liza

Eliza (chuckles): This time it will be for your benefit

Voice: Can you at least tell me your endgame


image201-6-23_zpskq1yvmxwEliza: You already have an idea as to what that is

Voice: Not really. I do know it involves this new guy who moved into Willow Creek

Eliza (Chuckles): Don’t worry about who is involved. I just need you to worry about your part


image201-6-24_zps3uijrvok Voice: I don’t know, my gut on this one says you should leave well enough alone

Eliza: I can’t. My sanity is about to break if I do not move into action.

Voice: What will you gain by doing this?

Eliza: my womanhood.

Voice: Your womanhood? Are you serious Eliza! You have a husband that loves you.


image201-6-25_zps5xwzctvxEliza laughed. The sound engulfed the blue tile bathroom.

Eliza: Love! The very thing that is keeping, the unmindful man downstairs, from giving me a divorce.

Voice: Bob would never divorce you. He worships the ground you walk on.

Eliza: And I need the ground someone in particular is walking on.


image201-6-26_zpsov7jkb0kVoice: I really don’t want to be a part of this

Eliza: Look if you are worried about being caught it won’t happen. If you play your cards right, everything should go down smoothly like my husband’s mango concoction.

Voice: somehow that imagery does not sit well with me.

Eliza: there is a lot of things I see in this house that does not sit well with me.

Voice (sighs): I’m sorry to hear that.

Eliza: Save your pity… I want to hear if you are in or out.


image201-6-27_zpse6bng45qVoice (hesitant): I don’t know, I really have a lot to lose if this goes south

Eliza: You have nothing to lose. As matter of fact, you have more to gain than lose

Voice: let’s put what I will lose to the side for a second. Have you thought about what your husband will lose if you do this?


image201-6-28_zpsclvnxsj0For a beat, Eliza didn’t say anything. She stood by her bathroom window and gazed at the lush green grass. It was such a contrast to what was happening inside of her. The cold tiles under her feet were the only thing giving off what she felt in her heart.

When she opened her mouth to speak again, the tone in her voice, went to an octave that matched the blue bathroom.

Eliza: I have thought about it for a long time.


image201-6-29_zpskrse73koVoice: And?

Eliza: And he will appreciate me more for doing this.


image201-6-30_zpsrdr5x3c8 Voice: I know Bob is different than most intelligent men, but do you really think he will stick around if you continue down this path. After all, he is still  a man.

image201-6-31_zpsigxaqh0o Eliza: My husband, a man? My womanhood would tell you otherwise.

Voice: Wow! I really don’t know what to say

Eliza: of course you do? Are you in or out?

Voice (sighs): I am….


Bogsmirth Household – Next morning



Let me call you back. I have company

Eric: Oh okay, you finally stopped being a bear

Jimmy (chuckles): Yeah I have and you can tell Miss wifey, I’ am thinking about her

Eric (chuckles): you truly want to die alone

Jimmy: I don’t think my neighbor will allow that

Eric: Your neighbor, what!

Jimmy: I’ll call you later

Eric: Wait…bro…what do you mean by ‘neighbor!’

Jimmy shut his phone and slipped it into his back pocket. He took in a rough breathe and turned around to face his visitor.

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