Ch. 1.5 – Just ‘Magination’

Image 1.5.1.jpg…Each day through my window I watch her as she passes by, I say to myself, you’re such a lucky guy.


Image 1.5.2…To have a girl like her is truly a dream come true. Out of all the fellas in the world, she belongs to me.


Image 1.5.3Jimmy (whistling): it was just my ‘magination, running away with me. It was just my ‘magination, running away with me.

Down in the dirt he was, with his hands submerged in dirt and weeds. His body ached from the knelt down position and his muscles constrained from the labor. The beam of the sun illuminated the sky, and the clouds provided the perfect reprieve from the heat. humus mixed with daises, bestowed upon Jimmy, the benefits of being a part of nature.

Twittering birds rustled the trees as Jimmy sang a happy, familiar tune. It was the song that carried Jimmy through his youthful days when skirts were chasing him rather than he chasing them. The song held so much memories and it became a curtain, unveiling the previous life he once lived before migrating to Willow Creek. It was the song that carried Jimmy through his youthful days when skirts were chasing him rather than he chasing them. The song held so much memories and it became a curtain, unveiling the previous life he once lived before migrating to Willow Creek.


Image 1.5.4Radio: Every night on my knees I pray….dear Lord hear my plea…

Jimmy burst through the door with the unrelenting heat at his heels. the soulful voices of the Temptations welcomed him inside. his mood, however, could not confer.


Image 1.5.5He came to an abrupt stop as his eyes planted on the woman he couldn’t help but love and hate at the same time. She was one of the few people who knew how to press his buttons. While gazing at her, the voices in his heart raged a war.  

Younger Jimmy: What did you say to her?

Woman: nothing but the truth

Younger Jimmy: that was not your place. How many times must I tell you to stay out of my business?

She laughed with an irritating honeyed voice

Woman: You are my business. I cant let her win this time

Jimmy’s throat constricted and his chest burned with the desire to choke her tender neck.

Younger Jimmy: whatever bad blood the two of you have between each other, I don’t want to be apart of it.

Woman: but you are 


Image 1.5.6Younger Jimmy: I…I…I love the both of you

Woman: Tsk…tsk…tsk. You have to decide Jimmy.

Younger Jimmy: Why should I have to decide! This is not right nor is it fair!

Woman: Fair is for school children, and people who do not have the power to get what they want.

Younger Jimmy: it is not your place to decide who I date or don’t date. My life is my own and I suggest you get one.

Woman: Poor Jimmy! It’s rather sad that after all these years you finally open your heart

Younger Jimmy: And you, like always, find a way to rip it to shreds


Image 1.5.7Jimmy squeezed the dirt into his fists. He shook his head, desperately wanting the unpleasant memory to go away. He stopped whistling and used the back of his hand to wipe away the perspiration on his forehead. He breathed through his nose and exhaled the tension pressing his muscles. Apart from the woman he met during his college life, there was another woman who had an effect on him. She was forever apart of him because life and had set it that way.

She was one of many reasons influencing Jimmy to migrate to Willow Creek. She was like the woman who was now standing at the entrance of his lot. Try as he might, he couldn’t shake the weight of Mara’s warning; it was really troubling to say the least. He tried to meditate on its meaning.


Image 1.5cBe careful

I don’t understand, what are you referring to

You said that you have a neighbor who is as nutty as Aurora.


Image 1.5.9Image 1.5.8 Image 1.5.10He observed his peculiar visitor, smiling and rocking her body like she was anticipating something. The idea popped in his head to ignore Eliza and it took a good minute before he finally stopped ignoring her.

An annoyed, groan rumbled as Jimmy stood up and dusted the dirt from off his pant. With controlled aching steps, he slowly approached Eliza. As he got closer he thought on what to say to get rid of her. The first notion that came to him was to give her a rude greeting and send her away.

The second  notion was to…


Image 1.5.11cJimmy: Look you are getting on my nerves! Get off my property or else.

Eliza: Or else what?

Jimmy: I will do something we will both regret. You will get to see why they call me the loner!


Image 1.5.12
A phony smiled eased on his face and his cheeks burned. His, somewhat, good conscience poked at him. Just be cordial

Jimmy: Hello

Eliza: Hi, h…how are you

Jimmy: good and you

Eliza: I’m alright

She didn’t sound alright and Jimmy forced him-self not to care.

Jimmy: What can I do for you?

Eliza: I wanted to see how you were doing and see if you needed anything.


Image 1.5.13He gazed suspiciously at her and cautiously responded

Jimmy: I’m okay

Eliza: glad to hear that. How is this place treating you?

Jimmy: fine. I’m getting by alright if you are worried about me being out here…alone

Eliza chuckled and nervously shifted her feet.

Eliza: so are you settling in okay?

Jimmy: Yes

Eliza: Apart from Mr. Lewis did you make any new friends

Jimmy: I didn’t make any friends but I did meet some interesting people

Eliza (giggles): Willow Creek does have some funny characters


Image 1.5.14He intentionally looked at Eliza as his feet shifted, and his mind shifted.


Image 1.5.15cJimmy: You are one of them, stay the hell away from me!


Image 1.5.16Inwardly he chuckled to himself and maintained his composure. As much as Eliza got on his nerves he didn’t want to rile her up. He didn’t want to learn if she really was like Aurora.

Jimmy: You can say that again. So when did you first move here.

What was he doing? Why was he asking her that? He was suppose to ask her to leave.

Eliza: My husband and I moved here, five years ago.

Jimmy: Where did you originally live?

Eliza: In Chesterfield

The place did not sound familiar.

Jimmy: Where is that?

Eliza: Do you know the place called Sunset Valley

Jimmy: yes I do

Eliza: Okay, Chesterfield is a 12 hour drive to Sunset Valley

Jimmy: That is interesting, I’ve never heard of such a place

Eliza: Oh it is beautiful – a well balance place with so much to do and experience.

Jimmy: why did you come here then?


Image 1.5.17

A sadness so profound past over Eliza’s face. Jimmy forgot his inhibitions and stepped closer.

Jimmy: are you okay

Eliza: y…yes…um we moved here because Bob wanted to start over

Jimmy: From what?


Image 1.5.18Eliza (whisper) everything. Bob as you know loves to cook. He tried to establish a small business in Chesterfield. It seemed everything would work out as he found a good property to construct a restaurant. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough money to secure the lot. Bob didn’t let that deter him. He made a few calls to some friends and managed to accumulate a good amount of funds to place a down payment on the lot. The proper documents, contracts were signed and within a span of two months, Bob had his business going. He made so much money.


Image 1.5.19Jimmy’s guard slowly came down. Eliza was talking his language and he opened up.

Jimmy: If that were the case why did you guys move to Willow Creek? From what I’ve seen there are not a lot of people here to help build a good customer base.

Eliza: it would seem like that because you are still fresh but there is a good population here.

Jimmy: Okay so what happened that made you guys move here.

Eliza: Bob aligned himself with some crafty people and his business suffered for it. We practically had to run for our lives and move here.


Image 1.5.20Jimmy: were these people dangerous

Eliza: no just some scheming bastards!

Jimmy knew all too well about scheming bastards. In the line of business they were hard to spot and get rid of. With the memory of his past still fresh on his mind, he thought of the woman who schemed to ruin his life…she claimed it was out of her best interest and love for him. He knew better.
Image 1.5.21Woman: You can be so naïve sometimes and that makes me extremely concerned. You have a lot to learn but don’t worry I am here to open your eyes.

Younger Jimmy: I don’t need your help…I am well able to take care of myself

Woman (snickers): That’s what you think
Image 1.5.22Younger Jimmy: stay out of my life!

Voice: Jimmy?


Image 1.5.23Jimmy blinked into the concerned eyes of Eliza. He swallowed the uncomfortable feeling he had with her looking at him.


Image 1.5.24Seeming to sense his discomfort she gave him a friendly smile.

Eliza: Are you okay?


Image 1.5.25Cyou shouldn’t forget who you are!

Jimmy: Y…y…yeah

Eliza: You sure?

Jimmy: Yeah…look I ‘m sorry I…

Jimmy felt like a switch went off in him. His past bombarded him and he could feel his heart begin to pound its beat. He took in a breath to regain his composure. He looked at Eliza and she was visibly concerned.  He was about to say something but she cut him off.


Image 1.5.26Eliza: It’s okay, I…um better go but if you need anything I am just across the street!


Image 1.5.27

Jimmy heard what she said but he could barely muster a word. He feebly nodded his head. Eliza stood there for a moment continuing to stare. Her gazed switched and she released a frustrated breath.


Image 1.5.28
Good day, Jimmy.


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