CH.1.2 – That “Honeyed” Voice

What a night it was. Jimmy woke up feeling every bone in his body ache. For the entire night he had tossed and turned unable to sleep because of a certain individual occupying his mind. For the life of him he couldn’t shake the image of Mara Combs. Something about her struck a nerve in him and being the type of man he was Jimmy struggled with the idea that Mara, whom he just met, had such a hold on him.

When he really thought about it, there were no questions as to why this was. She reminded him of someone from his past.



In the final year at university, Jimmy was set to graduate in which he would receive his bachelor in business management. He was taking a full course load that included five classes. His social life was at a minimum and the dating scene rarely if ever saw his face. Being a loner and social recluse, Jimmy was able to focus and study. His academic journey had finally come to an end and it was something Jimmy longed to celebrate. The long nights, of preparing for exams; writing 10 page reports; declining invitations; rejecting romantic gestures; avoiding social groups; eating food from a box. It all was for a justifiable means. Some would say it was down right sad that Jimmy didn’t have a girlfriend. It wasn’t like he was suffering in the looks department. Others would call it normal for him to have no one. He was a loner by default. Approaching the week of examination, Jimmy’s social life had taken a change.


He was standing at the shoreline staring out into the horizon. Standing at that beach, Jimmy, had pressed his toes into the soft, grainy warmth. His skinned baked in the golden sun. In that moment Jimmy was happy, and he couldn’t have asked for anything more….then he met her.


She seemingly came out of nowhere and stood a few feet from him. She was adorned in work out clothes that molded well with her fitted body. Right away his body reminded him that it was a long time since he interacted with the opposite sex.

Female Voice: Money cannot buy this

Jimmy didn’t respond, but he did turn and look at her.

Female Voice: You spend long hours working and working. The payout never seems to be enough for the time you put in.
Jimmy: but when you come and grace nature with your presence the reward is…
Both: Priceless
Female Voice: I’m A….


The name escaped his lips on a soft whisper. He kept repeating it until reality struck; he wasn’t going to see her again. 
Taking a breath Jimmy got up and pushed his memories back. With the sun ascending, brightening the sky, Jimmy got himself busy so that he wouldn’t think of his past. He started cleaning up his dirty dishes from last night. God had smiled down on him when his newfound buddy, Eric, had sent over a plate of food his mother had prepared. It was really tasty and flavourful; Jimmy wished the woman lived with him. He nixed the idea when he remembered how nosy she was.


Image -1.2.8.jpg
After cleaning up, Jimmy took a refreshing and exhilarating shower. The water hit his body and his limbs succumbed to the seducing heat. The small confines of the shower stall steamed up and the swirling mist entranced his mind to think about Mara. With his eyes closed, Jimmy envisioned her innocent face…her eyes so bright and enthralling.

As the water cascaded down his body, Jimmy could feel his heart tug. He was even tempted to call her after his shower and invite her out. With the thought of Mara another person came to him, Eliza.


The way she looked at him etched in his mind; he could still hear her honeyed voice: 
What kind of man are you?  His answer to that inquiry didn’t sit well with her. Admittedly, Jimmy could’ve been more pleasant. He could’ve been more inviting and cordial. Bob and Eliza did bring him a not so tasteful gift, but a gift nonetheless. Bob took his time to bake the cake and Jimmy could’ve been more gracious considering it was the one thing that tampered his hunger. Realizing how mean he came off, Jimmy made a mental note to somehow apologize to Eliza and Bob. Maybe he would catch them in town or on his jog.


While he thought of how to make it up to Bob and Eliza, Jimmy attended to his stomach. As usual it sent out commands to get food. 
He had no choice but to bite the bullet and use the little money he had to purchase some meat. He went to the park adjacent to his house and used the grill to make a couple of burgers.


Thanks to the skills he acquired by himself, Jimmy was able to make a good tasty burger. His tongue and stomach celebrated in the bursting flavour that danced on his taste buds. He took huge bites while moaning greedily. With such deliciousness he had  to figure out a way to  make some funds so that he could continue to eat like this.


After eating,  Jimmy went around his property to inspect it. To his intrigue, he noticed some mush rooms sprouting around his house. With the little he knew about mushrooms and their worth, Jimmy got the bright idea to plant them on his lot. He dug up some dirt and created a section in the far corner of his property.

With nothing else to do at home Jimmy took a visit to the gym.


When he got there, he was a bit surprised to see, the facility was practically empty. In checking his watch Jimmy speculated that most people were most likely still at work. On that notion, he took advantage of this grand opportunity and made use of the gym utilities without hassle. The first order of business was getting on the tread mill.


Focused, keyed up, and invigorated, he ran on the tread mill for about ten minutes. After a while he continued for another five minutes. Soon he could feel his legs burn with every move, and the power moving in his body. Every thought that had troubled him earlier dissipated, and the one thing that prevailed was getting in shape.

As Jimmy came to finish his run, two women came and started using the treadmills. At first he paid them no mind and concentrated on what he was doing. It was when they started conversing with each other a familiar voice gave him pause.

His pace on the treadmill decreased until he stopped.

Jimmy (whispers): It can’t be

He kept repeating “it can’t be” to himself…he  wondered if the powers that be were playing a dirty trick on him.


images-1-2-16When he heard that “honeyed” voice, he knew there were no tricks. Eliza Pancake was right across from him and she had a friend with her.

Eliza: I got to get myself in shape again
Woman: What for?
Eliza: I need to, it’s important. I am on a mission.
Woman (chuckles): Mission? What kind of mission?
Eliza: Its top secret and I know you don’t like me keeping secrets from you but this time I must.
Woman: You’re right, I don’t but guessing from your tone, it is probably something I don’t want to know
Eliza: Trust me, you don’t
Woman: Now you have me worried

Don’t be, it is for a good cause.
Woman: Liza, you are always doing something for a good cause.
When you say it like that, you make it sound like it’s a bad thing
Woman: We…e…e…l…l, the last time you did something for a good cause you got a marriage contract.

Eliza huffed and made a strange growling sound

Eliza: I wake up every morning with that blatant reminder. I don’t want to hear you say it

The woman threw up her arms in surrender.

Woman: fine but I have to ask… will this ‘cause’ result in you being arrested.
Eliza (chuckles, dryly): That depends on my target
Woman: Is this target a person?
Eliza: Sorry Hun; top secret
Woman: Riiiiggght! Anyway, you left a very intense message on my phone. You were mentioning that some guy pissed you off


Eliza: Oh my goodness, yes. He was so insulting and extremely rude. We brought him a gift and he didn’t even have the decency to thank us for it.
Woman: You said in your message that he kicked you guys out of his house
Eliza (snickers): House? Please. This man barely has a good pot to piss in. Can you believe he bought the most expensive stove but doesn’t have a fridge?

The woman laughed but didn’t say anything.

Eliza: What makes me even more annoyed, is the fact that he bought the property, I was hoping to reserve for my friends, who are planning to move here.
Woman: You have friends?

Eliza gave the woman a look.

Eliza: ha…ha…ha. Yes, I do have friends- other than you. They live in New Jersey.
Woman: Jersey? Why would they want to move here?
Eliza: my friends own a prestigious construction company. They are looking to set down some new roots and start over. They requested that I seek out some properties for them to build a house.
Woman: Okay, so now that this guy is on the land why don’t you find some other space? I am sure there are other vacant properties
Eliza: True but I want my friends to be closer
Woman: So if this guy is there, what are you planning on doing about it?


Eliza smiled devilishly and chuckled within herself. She turned and gave a portentous stare to the woman.

Eliza: let’s just say time will tell.
Woman: I get the feeling this mission of yours involves this guy.
Eliza: you can guess all you want about my mission, I won’t tell you.
Woman: Fine whatever…anyway what is this guy’s name?
Eliza: I don’t know.


Jimmy’s ears burned with the words that came out of Eliza Pancakes mouth. The wheels in his head started turning. It really bothered him that Eliza had some friends that were interested in the land he now occupied.

Could this be one of the reasons why she came to visit him? Was he apart of her mission. Was he the target?

So many questions plagued him and he couldn’t shake the feeling that Eliza Pancake was going to be trouble.


Subtly Jimmy moved from off the treadmill and made his way towards the rack. As he moved away, curiosity struck him. Who was the other woman, Eliza was talking to? Was she just as crazy as Eliza? They seemed like close friends and like they always say, “birds of a feather flock together”

Whatever the case might be Jimmy did his best to stay a good distance from them.

Thankfully, they were engrossed in their chatter that they didn’t notice him.


Sitting in a good position, Jimmy was able to watch Eliza and the mysterious woman. They talked and talked and soon the subject of Jimmy had changed to other trivial matters.


Half way through, Eliza’s friend stopped running and made her way towards the shower area. She gestured to Eliza to stop but she wouldn’t… she kept going.

For approximately 20 minutes, she ran on the treadmill with a strength that terrified Jimmy. The impression he had of her was beginning to develop of its own accord. Her very tone caused his arms to itch. He even imagined poor Bob quivering in her wake. With the thought of Bob, Jimmy reflected on his behaviour from the other day. His inner conscious prompted him to get up and approach Eliza; however, hearing what she said to her friend made him retract the idea of ever apologizing.

Maybe if he had a run in with Bob he could have a man to man exchange. Perhaps he could even help Bob regain his manhood from Eliza.


With the strong negative impression he had towards Eliza, Jimmy thought it best he avoid the woman. Even when his body odor wafted into his nose, he cautiously remained in the same spot.

Finally Eliza had stopped but she didn’t head to the showers. She ventured somewhere else and Jimmy was relieved to get to the showers.


When he got to the lockers, he changed his clothes and adorned a towel around his waist. Desperate to get in the shower, Jimmy went into the first shower stall, he assumed to be available.



Turning the knob, Jimmy stepped inside, but didn’t hear a sound. He figured no one was there so he proceeded further.

Jimmy: Hello!

He didn’t hear a peep.

To be cautious, he calls out again.

Jimmy: Hello

A voice responds and Jimmy nearly jumps out of his skin.

Voice: Hello


Oh, Hello
Woman: H…h…hi.
Jimmy: I didn’t think anyone was in here. The door was not locked
Woman: that’s my fault, I kind of rushed in here.
Jimmy: That’s okay…I did call out but I didn’t hear anyone
Woman: That’s strange because I didn’t hear you.

A deep chuckle, rumbled in the back of Jimmy’s throat. He brazenly,  sizes the woman up and thinks to himself that she certainly was not suffering in the looks department…she was beautiful!


Captivated, Jimmy allows his eyes to take in a full view of her.

Jimmy: Have we met before?
Woman: No I don’t think so.
Jimmy: You seem familiar.

The woman laughed nervously, and played with her fingers. She glanced quickly at him before looking away.

Woman: perhaps but this would be my first time seeing you. I don’t know who you are.
Jimmy: I wouldn’t expect you to know who I ‘am
Woman: Well I did see you running on the tread mill


Jimmy (grins):
Did you now?
Woman: Yeah…you looked…looked (giggles softly) you looked determined

Both Jimmy and the woman share a laugh

Jimmy: What can I say, I was trying to hit a mark?
Woman: I guess so….um, what is your name?
Jimmy: Jimmy Bogsmirth.
Woman: Interesting name

Jimmy shakes his head, and smiles. What was it with these people finding his name ‘interesting’?

Jimmy: And what might I call you?


A sparkle glimmered in the woman’s eyes as she replied.

Woman: Navah…Navah Mersadies
Jimmy: Navah!

Jimmy uttered her name as if he were tasting something sweet. His voice took on a deep tone as each letter breathed out his lips. He nodded his head while letting his eyes take in Navah’s face.

Jimmy: Beautiful name. What does ‘Navah’ mean?
Navah: I honestly don’t know.


images-1-2-34Jimmy(angles head): you don’t know what it means? Why?

Navah chuckled and raised her right hand to scratch her left arm. She didn’t say anything but she planted her stare on Jimmy. She looked right at him as if to study his intentions.

Navah: I wasn’t named by my parents. My late grandfather, on my father’s side, had requested that my parents give me that name.
Jimmy: did you get to meet him before he died.
Navah: I did but I was barely a month when he met me.
Jimmy: If you don’t mind me asking, when did he die?

Navah didn’t answer right away but she continued to look at Jimmy as if she was trying to figure him out. Then she smiled graciously and opened up to Jimmy. She shared that her grandfather had died two months following her birth. It was hard for her parents and the family since her grandfather was a great man. Navah expressed, that despite his passing, she was grateful for the full life he lived and that he named her.

For awhile, Jimmy and Navah stood there having a friendly verbal exchange. For a brief moment they forgot where they were, and would’ve continued to talk if it wasn’t for Navah’s phone. She looked at the ID, and a bright expression grace her face. She sweetly voiced how nice it was to meet Jimmy, said her good byes and quickly went her way.


After Navah left, Jimmy got in the shower. As the stall steamed up, a realization hit.

Jimmy: Oh crap! That was Eliza’s friend. I should’ve got her number.




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