Ch. 1.0 – “Having Children”

With his eyes closed Jimmy took in a breath while allowing his mind to calm down. The warmth of the sun bathed his skin making him feel good inside. It was an early Sunday morning, and Jimmy had just made the first bold move he had ever made in his life. He had sold all of his possessions from his previous life, and migrated all the way to Willow Creek from a city he worked hard to forget about. No doubt, Jimmy couldn’t deny the overwhelming feeling, that he was scared of the unknown, and what it meant for him to be all alone in a strange new town. He asked himself so many questions: where would this journey carry him? How would he survive on a low budget? Would he make friends given his anti-social trait? Would his stamp on the world be vivid enough for someone to say “Jimmy Bogsmirth was an amazing man”?




In all, Jimmy didn’t know what would happen. Everything was a mystery to him. He couldn’t understand his resilient longing to even move to a city with not so much to say about itself other than the fact it was small enough. In any case Jimmy was certain of one thing… his gut compelled him that he was in the right place.



Starting with a blank slate (literally), Jimmy, didn’t know what to do at first. He stood for a moment staring at the empty space. He contemplated on how he would construct a living space that would be affordable as well as comfortable.



Going with his financial instincts, he used most of the money he had, and managed to put together a small, livable quarters for himself. It was, rather, uncomfortable that he had no walls to provide some sense of privacy, but that meant more funds,which Jimmy had little of.

Of course, he unwisely spent 85% percent of his entire savings to buy a very expensive stove. His reasoning behind the purchase was that he wanted to be able to cook good meals on a well-engineered cooking mechanism. Being a perfectionist lead him to have such ideas. It was quite unfortunate, such ideas didn’t make him stop and observe that he needed a fridge as well. Without a fridge Jimmy couldn’t save food or prepare anything. This meant eating a proper meal and stocking food would serve as a challenge.


A challenge Jimmy bravely faced by going to a local bar that was a good ways from his un-built house. While sitting and taking in his surroundings, the bartender came to take his order.

Bartender: What can I get you sir?
Jimmy: What can I get for $4 Dollars?

The bartender made a face, and stared at Jimmy as if he were crazy.

Bartender: That all depends on what you were thinking of getting.
Jimmy: Anything light would be fine.

The bartender tapped her chin, and observed Jimmy, whilst allowing her eyes to scan his body and face.

Bartender: You must be new in town.
Jimmy: How do you figure?
Bartender: Well for starters Willow Creek is famous for the same people living in the same boring town.
Jimmy (Chuckles): And?

Bartender: the same people who frequent this bar usually make their order and go. You on the other hand look fresh and you are asking what you can get for $4 dollars.
Jimmy: And what is wrong with that?
Bartender: Nothing just that the same people who frequent this bar usually don’t ask the price. They just

Having had enough of this chit chat with the bartender, Jimmy grumbled mockingly and finished the bartenders sentence.

Jimmy: ‘make their order and go’…yeah I think I got your point. Anyway what do you have that is light?
Bartender: chips.
Jimmy: I’ll have that.
Bartender: Coming right up!



Jimmy took his bowl of chips and went to sit in the lounge area to watch some television. There was some late 1900’s show playing. Jimmy was going to switch the channel to the sports network but something, one of the female actress, said caught his attention. The well-polished English accent also made him listen attentively, blocking all other surrounding noises.

Woman: You have come this far Annabel, and I don’t think you would want to spoil your chance with Sir Lancelot.
Annabel: No Ma’am
Woman: I think it’s high time you think about whether or not you want to remain a porcelain doll, collecting dust, in your parents’ home or a well-cared for queen in the care of a man who can buy you the world. You have received enough training from the women’s academy in Delaware to know how to handle your own home. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. I will be here for two more nights then I have to head back to Portland. Please make haste in the decision you will make.



As Jimmy became enthralled into the show, he tried to listen carefully to what was being said. About fifteen minutes into watching the show and doing his best to ignore other happenings, Jimmy couldn’t help become annoyed with the elderly woman and mid 40’s gentleman who were having a loud conversation beside him. Added to that the jukebox, behind him was also playing … someone had set the volume a bit high.




For a moment he shrugged off the distractions and kept his focus but the elderly woman’s voice and the music combined made it near to impossible. He talked within himself to try and keep his composure.



He patted his leg to transfer his aggregation so that he wouldn’t burst out to the people beside him to “shut up!”



Slowly but surely, Jimmy’s dark side emerged and he bit his lip to keep the inner beast in him calm. His left eye twitched, and he could feel his blood simmering. He was pretty much teetering on the edge of losing his cool. He tried to bring his mind to a calm place like he usually did whenever he felt aggravated in any situation. For whatever reason his mind couldn’t center itself. The elderly woman’s voice was grating on his nerves like nails painstakingly clawing down a chalkboard.



Unable to avoid hearing their conversation, Jimmy purposely looked at them with a stern glint in his eye.

Elderly woman: Eric, when will you and your wife give me another grandchild?
Eric: Mom it’s not that simple, Alice and I have a lot riding on us.
Elderly woman: Like what.
Eric: It’s something I rather not discuss at this moment.




Elderly Woman: Something you rather not discuss? But I can sense that you’re struggling and I being your mother can’t ignore that. I don’t want to meddle in your business but you should find a way to release yourself of this burden.
Eric: I appreciate your concern mom, but I ‘am well able to take care of my problems.

Elderly woman: I don’t doubt your capability to find solutions to your problems; however, a problem half shared is a problem half solved.

Eric sighed and looked away with a contemplative expression.

Eric: I will say this. Alice and I are facing some hills we have to climb and I do admit it is weighing us down. Nevertheless, it isn’t that bad where we can’t make it through. I know you are my mother and will cross moons for me but I assure you, everything isn’t that bad.

Eric’s mom didn’t respond. She nodded her head and patted her son on his leg.



It was evident she got the message that Eric was not going to talk about whatever was troubling him. He surely put up a good front and his mother knew that. Apparently she wanted to push further but wisdom prevailed in her so she got up and left to get something to drink.

Jimmy tried as he might to ignore them, but he couldn’t; he became quite intrigued at the conversation between mother and son. Something about it reminded him of his own life. He himself had a similar conversation back in a time where he lived in another a city in which he worked hard to forget.

A city Jimmy resented for the trials he faced. A city that took his joy and peace away from him. A city where he made bad choices and was still paying for.

It was amazing how eavesdropping on a conversation brought him to a place he tried to stay away from.



Considering to go home, Jimmy proceeded to get up but was stopped in his tracks when Eric spoke.

Eric: Mothers! You can’t live with them and you dam sure can’t live without them.

Jimmy chuckled and chose not to pretend that the man was talking directly to him.

Jimmy: You can say that about every woman. They have a way of wanting to be in control of who you become and what you become.
Eric: You talk like a man, who knows what ‘He’s’ talking about.



Jimmy: That’s because I do know what I ‘am talking about.
Eric: and who is this man that knows what he’s talking about
Jimmy: Jimmy Bogsmirth
Eric: Interesting.
Jimmy: Interesting?



Eric: Your last name. It sounds rather unusual.
Jimmy: That’s because it is
Eric: Whereabouts are you from. You don’t look like you are from around here
Jimmy: where does it look like I come from?
Eric: well looking at your apparel, and tone of voice, I’d say you are a city boy.



Feeling a bit uneasy, Jimmy snarled at Eric.

Jimmy: Is that all you see?

Eric narrowed his eyes and angled his head to take in a good view of Jimmy. He tapped his chin and a very low groan emitted from him.

Eric: I see a man who is battling a war he can’t win. I also see that you are guarded.
Jimmy: good observation considering that you yourself emit that quite well.
Eric: (chuckles) she is a missile, knowing her target.
Jimmy: does she always meddle in your business



Eric: All the time and I don’t know why for the life of me I ‘am sharing this with a guarded man but my mother is 95% percent the reasons for my problems. She keeps pushing my wife and I, to give her more grandchildren.
Jimmy: Do you want more children.
Eric: To be quite frank, no.

Jimmy: how many do you have?
Eric: one girl child and I know by most standards that is not enough but I am happy with that.

Jimmy nodded his head, completely understanding where Eric was coming from.

Jimmy: how does your wife feel about having more children?




Eric: she hasn’t said much on the matter but I am guessing that she is okay with the one child we have.

Jimmy: therefore you have no idea how she feels and you haven’t fully spoken to her about it?

Eric: How can I?

Jimmy: is she not your wife? You sleep in the same bed.

Eric: Are you married?

Jimmy: no

Eric: Then how would you know what to say regarding marriage?

Jimmy: I don’t have to be married to understand the dynamics of what should take place within a relationship

Eric: then do enlighten me. What should take place?



Jimmy gave it some thought before he spoke. He allowed memories from his previous life to enter the realm of his current thought process. Images of kisses, hugs, screams, and something else, preceded the knowledge he had about what it was to communicate properly with someone in a relationship. Thinking on Eric’s situation Jimmy knew too well such cases didn’t end well when one person assumed the emotions of the other.

Jimmy: Do you love your wife?

Eric reared his head back

Eric: With every breath I breathe?

Jimmy: Then I think you should really consider asking her about what she thinks and feels on this whole idea of having more children. Your mother’s intrusiveness will not play kindly when the topic of children becomes a real sour discussion in your household.

Eric (sighs): I hear you. So tell me something, are you considering having children



Jimmy molded the question in his mind and he searched within himself if marriage would ever be in the cards for him. As memories of his past continued to flood over him, the idea of being tied down didn’t sit well in his stomach. While he was about to give Eric an answer a beautiful blond haired woman came into the sitting area. Following her was another woman.



Woman 1: Is anyone sitting here

Like night and day, Jimmy’s mood went from “fine” to very tense and for the life of him, he couldn’t bring himself to answer the woman. Eric leaned closer.

Eric: I think that woman is feeling you man

Hearing what Eric said didn’t move Jimmy. He was really beginning to feel uncomfortable. Sensing the woman watching him, Jimmy looked up tersely, and replied with great strain.

Jimmy: No!



The woman giggled and excitedly sat down followed by her apparent sidekick. The air around Jimmy begun to feel dense. The scent of flowers and lavender pervaded his nostril; all he wanted to do was get up. Eric, who was supposed to be married, began chatting it up with both women. He engaged them in conversation- talking about interests, and telling funny jokes.


About 5 minutes in, Eric gave Jimmy a nudge to try and get him to talk but Jimmy remained silent. He was ready to get out of there. He knew what was about to become of this little soiree and Jimmy was not about to become a romantic set up.

With his good sense intact, Jimmy said his ‘good byes’ and left.


                                                                                                    NEXT  > CH. 1.1 – WALLS, DOOR, WINDOW

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