There are sims stories that catch my fancy. I do enjoy a good read so when I have the time, I scour the web for stories that have great content and form. I am picky about what I read but I love to give other writers a chance by granting them my reading attention. Below is a list of a few stories that have inspired, motivated and entertainment me.

The Edith Prescott Mystery Series  By: Rachel Sims
*S 3

The Hasslich Prettacy – By: PeachyKeen88
*S 4

The Pruett LegacyBy: Jes2G
*S 4

The Shenston LegacyBy: Starsarahs
*S 3

Destined to LoveBy: Reijna
*S 4

The Rivers LegacyBy: Sianstarr88
* S 4

A Ray of Sunshine By: Sandybeachgirl
* S 3