Did you know:

When I moved Jimmy into his house, I foolishly bought the stove not realizing there was no fridge. Oops! For narrative purposes I kept with it.

Image 0.7
Where is the fridge?


Bob and Eliza Pancake.

I honestly did not know they were really crazy! When drafting Ch.1.1 Walls, Door and Window I didnt know Bob and Eliza were married. Call me “oblivious” but I barely played the sims 4 because of my laptop crashing. When I got my new laptop and got into the game I restarted with Jimmy. While capturing images and following Jimmy, I had the same reaction as him. Who were these nuts on my lot! I did a little research and this is what I found.

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Navah Mersadies

I didn’t create this beautiful sims, but another user by the name of sims4rules, created her.  I have to say the original is really nice.


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Eliza is actually walk towards jimmy in this photo.


09-15-15_6-51 PM-2

CH. 1.4 – Listen Instead

During the editing stage of this chapter, Word Press noted that there was 25+ revisions. This means, I kept reading over and over for any mistakes.

Also below is some images that were omitted.

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CH 1.5 – ‘Magination’

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About 20 or more screenshots were deleted for this chapter.

The sims 3 images incorporated, were actually photos from a story, I had written in 2011 or 2010 – I don’t remember. They were not taken during the process of this story. I used them because they were sitting in my google drive collecting dust. I figured what the heck, Jimmy has a past and I thought why not use those photos.  To create the memory effect photo-shop was the program I used.