Ch. 1.11 – Who can I Trust?

She was nervous! 

Her eyes darted from Eliza to Jimmy. He remained silent waiting to see what Navah would say or do. It was apparent she was also waiting to see what he would do.

Carefully weighing his course of action, Jimmy calmed himself down. Then he reasoned within himself; evaluating if there was anything for him to worry about.

Navah’s evident nerves didn’t help because it raised a lot of questions – mainly concerning her relationship with Eliza.  Why were the two women not speaking to each other? What caused them to be at odds?

Uncomfortable and irritated, Jimmy stood to his feet and Navah followed suit.

Jimmy: I’m sorry about this, she usually visits me around this time – let me go see to her.

Navah shrugged and gave a smile that did not reach her eyes.

Navah: Its your house. 
Jimmy: All the same you are here, and I wasn’t expecting anyone.

To be truthful, Jimmy knew at some point in the day that Eliza would stop by to check, and talk to him.  Her visits were expected. He could almost calculate the exact minute and hour she would leave her house, cross the street, and wave her little hands announcing her arrival.

Jimmy was use to her visits but today was proving to be difficult. With Navah being there, Jimmy felt caught between the two women. A part of his conscience pricked him. He could’ve warned Navah about Eliza stopping by, but with all that he had on his mind he completely forgot.

Jimmy: If you don’t mind waiting for a bit I’ll go talk to her
Navah: Like I said, this is your place.
Jimmy: but you are my guest… anyway, I’ll be back

With heavy steps, he said a prayer and made his way towards Eliza.

Getting closer to her, Jimmy could see a serious expression tightening her features. She stood with a hard stance, and her eyes were pointed at him with a hard glare. She was not happy. It was presumable that she was feeling some type of way about Navah being there.

Like every other time he smiled graciously and cordially greeted her.

Jimmy: Hello, how are you? 
Eliza: I want to say okay but I’m not sure now 
Jimmy: Really? Why is that.

She dramatically closed her eyes and took in a breath.

Eliza: The day isn’t going the way I want it to. 
Jimmy: What do you mean?

She sighed again and it was getting on Jimmy’s nerves.

Eliza: just somethings I have to work out at home.

 Jimmy’s jaw clenched.

Jimmy: You want to talk.

Eliza: Yeah I do but I see you are clearly busy 
Jimmy: I’m not busy just entertaining a guest
Eliza: Guest indeed
Jimmy: not just any guest …I have come to understand you are well acquainted with this guest. And I dare say you know her pretty well. 

Eliza (chuckles): Yes, we know each other. She is in fact my best friend. 
Jimmy: Best Friend? I see 
Eliza(observant): You are not surprised by this. 
Jimmy: You are right, I am not. She told me about you.


Eliza went stiff and straightened her back. her eyes narrowed into slits and she regarded jimmy with a suspicious glare. 

Eliza: Is that so? And what has Miss Navah been feeding you about me 
Jimmy: nothing for you to worry about 
Eliza: I beg to differ and I have to say its rather unnerving that you are even speaking to her about me 
Jimmy: Like I said its nothing for you to be concerned about 
Eliza: What has she said to you about me? 

He reared his head back and narrowed his eyes.

Jimmy: Why are you worried about it? 
Eliza: Why are you being evasive about it? If its not something for me to worry about then just tell me. 
Jimmy: Why can’t you just trust me to know its nothing


Eliza: Trust? Interesting. I should trust that the conversation between you and my current EX-BEST FRIEND is nothing for me to worry about.

Jimmy rubbed his head. the conversation was not heading in a good direction.

Jimmy: Look Eliza I’m use to you visiting me but this is unexpected. As you can clearly see I have a guest and right now she is my CURRENT priority. 
Eliza: I have to say Mr. Bogsmirth…
Jimmy: Wow. Bogsmirth!

In all the time Eliza had been visiting him she never used his surname to address him. It was not a good sign.

Eliza: Mr. Bogsmirth! I don’t take kindly to people holding discussions and my name is brought up. It makes me very itchy.


Jimmy: I don’t have time for this. What do you want? 
Eliza: I need someone to talk to but I don’t like that she is here. 
Jimmy (shrugs): That’s too bad, she is my guest and I will treat her with the same respect I give you.

Eliza twisted her neck like she caught an attitude

Eliza: that is quite funny coming from you 
Jimmy: Meaning what? 
Eliza: the first time I came here you were not this hospitable. 
Jimmy: Don’t even go there. I apologized to you for that. 
Eliza: Not to my husband. 
Jimmy: Are you kidding me! You are seriously not bringing that back up! 
Eliza: So what if I am! I kind of feel that ever since that day Bob and I came into your space that you still don’t like me 

really Eliza? I have forgiven you for that and I have moved on. You come here all the time and I entertained you. We talk and enjoy each others company without ill will. I have nothing against you. 

Eliza: you don’t? 
Jimmy: no! 
Eliza: You really don’t? 
Jimmy: No! 
Eliza: I don’t know but now that I think about it and I see her here, I have this feeling you don’t like me and it’s putting me off.


Jimmy checked himself to see if what she was saying had some form of truth in it.

Did he really not like her? Was their first encounter an official put off?

Molding the possibility in his mind, Jimmy stared at Eliza. He took in her face, and the expression that slightly distorted her facial features. He considered everything that annoyed him about her and summed it all up to see if her suspicions about him were true.

Deciding to be completely honest Jimmy spoke his truth.

Jimmy: I will admit that you did get me upset the first time you came with your husband. But that is in the past… I don’t have any ill feelings towards you. 
Eliza: You really don’t! 
Jimmy: For the umpteenth time, NO! I DON’T! 
Eliza: Do you consider me to be your friend? 
Jimmy (shrugs): Sure why not?

He really wanted to squeeze her!


Eliza: Okay then be a good friend and ask your guest to leave. I need to speak with you right now.

She could not be serious. There was no way Jimmy was going to ask Navah to leave. As much as he had his reservations about her, he still wanted to be in her company.

Jimmy: I’m sorry to disappoint you but that is not happening. You will just have to wait or come back tomorrow. 
Eliza (scoffs): So you don’t consider your first friend your PRIORITY. 
Jimmy: My first friend? You are not my first friend and even if that were the case, I can’t just ask Navah to leave. She came to spend time with me and since you know her, you should know her journey here isn’t short. You live across the street and that means you can walk and come back, she can’t.

Eliza huffed with extreme impatience. She pointedly glowered at Jimmy before switching her gaze in  Navah’s direction.

Eliza: Fine! Have it your way but I will be back 
Jimmy: I don’t doubt that you will 
Eliza: How long do you plan to be with her

God help him he was about to lose his cool.

 Jimmy: I don’t know and I ‘am not watching the clock either. She will leave when the time is right 
Eliza: But I need to speak with you 
Jimmy: don’t you have other friends you can talk to? 
Eliza: We are not in speaking terms at the moment. 

She was not in speaking terms with Navah and now she had other friends she wasn’t talking to. It was quite pitiful.

Jimmy(sighs): I wont even ask you about that but anyway I have to go back. You can come back tomorrow. 
Eliza: What time? 
Jimmy: not before 10 or 11.  
Eliza: fine.

Before Jimmy could say anything else, Eliza spun on her heels and walked away. She mumbled to herself and he shook his head wondering why he even made an appointment to meet with her tomorrow? The conversation didn’t sit well with him. Her tone was very possessive and he certainly didn’t appreciate her acting as if they were a couple.

Immediately he shook himself. He cringed at the very thought of her ever being his girlfriend. She was a married woman! He didn’t mess with those kind …. especially Eliza’s kind.

Getting back to Navah, she asked if everything was alright. Jimmy put on a neutral face and reassured her that everything was okay. She looked back and watched Eliza walking away. It was not missed that she felt bad about her friend.

Jimmy couldn’t help that. Whatever was going on between the two women, it was none of his business. Albeit in the back of his mind, he was curious as to what caused the them to be at odds with each other.

Navah: From where I was standing I could see Eliza was not happy 
Jimmy: She wasn’t. she wanted to talk to me about something but I told her to come back tomorrow. 
Navah: You sure that is a good idea 
Jimmy (eyes narrowed): What do you mean? 
Navah: Once Eliza is hooked on to someone or something, there is no getting rid of her.

Even though Jimmy only knew Eliza for a few months, he knew what Navah said was true. 

Navah: I’ve been friends with her for a long time, and for the time that I have gotten to know her, I have learned she is not an easy person to get along with 
Jimmy: How did you two become friends? 
Navah: When I first moved here she was one of the few people to befriend me.

Right away a warning bell went off in Jimmy. He looked at Navah and she looked back at him.

Jimmy: Really? That is interesting…I take it she has lived here for quite some time?  I remember you telling me that you lived here for fifteen years. 
Navah: Oh yes, I lived here for a long time. 

She lived there for long time, Jimmy repeated to himself. He scoured his memory thinking back to when Eliza had shared that she moved to Willow Creek five years ago. Weighing what Navah had just shared and what Eliza told him, he deduced that between both women, one of them was lying. This raised the question: why or how could both women be lying to him?

Hoping it was not the case he probed Navah for more information. 

Jimmy: How long has the Pancakes been living here

Navah chuckled humorously as she replied

Navah: Liz was born here 
Jimmy: Born here? 
Navah: Yep. She was  – born and raised. Both her and Bob. They met during high school. Her parents didn’t approve of the relationship so they sent her away for school. Eliza being who she is found a way to return and marry Bob. 
Jimmy: Wow! What about his parents, did they approve of her? 
Navah: Nope! They believed Eliza would ruin him.

Jimmy laughed in himself not surprised at the impression Bob’s parents held towards Eliza.

Navah: I actually met them when they returned from their honeymoon. 
Jimmy: Wow! Bob has been married to Eliza for approximately fifteen years? 
Navah (sighs): yep and I have to say he is a strong man 

Jimmy gazed off into the distance trying to fathom how Bob was able to survive a woman like Eliza.

Jimmy: I’d say his love is strong.

Navah didn’t respond but she made this cryptic chuckle. She provided Jimmy with a stare that let him know Bobs relationship with Eliza wasn’t just for love.

Not wanting the rest of the day to be spoiled by Eliza’s visit, Jimmy changed the subject and they talked about other things.  As they had a good laugh, a nagging chant pecked at him…


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