UPDATE: Where did you go?

Brushing off the dust…

Sigh! where do I begin. First I must apologize.

I am so sorry for being MIA for such a long time. It was never my plan to do so. Life as we all know as a way of coming and situating things around. Time also plays a huge factor in the way things will go.

From the last time I had made a post which was (thinking…) in January 2017, I was in the mode of writing Chapter 1.13. It is even in draft mode with Jimmy reflecting on his time With Navah.

Why did you stop? you might ask.

The best way I can answer that is Personal priorities. my time was taken up with school and I couldn’t find the time to really be able to apply myself to the schedule I had set for myself.

With that said and me having to rush off to school, I will say this. I will be coming back to this story. I wont leave like that.It is something I do as a hobby but writing is my passion and it is something I am pursing as a career.

I understand if some of you have left but I hope I will pick up momentum by FALL 2017.

An update will be posted today on when CH 1.13 – Ask to Move in will be posted.




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