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What has been happening

Wow! I’m a bit stunned at how fast time has flown by. it was like yesterday I was arranging images to wish everyone happy new year and now here we are in 2017. Well, Bogsmirth is still kicking and I am proud to say I haven’t given up. I have been tempted to call it in and just say: let this story stay where it is but I won’t feel good in giving up like that.

I was on a hiatus for bit where I did stop writing. I traveled to another province for the holidays and I took some time to recuperate. Things last year were a bit rough for me, especially where school was concerned. I was losing interest and certain things were frustrating and discouraging me.

Now that it is a new year and I am back from my vacation, I feel somewhat better.


The story is still going on and I am currently working on chapter 13. I won’t give any date until I am sure of when it is completed. This time around I won’t give unrealistic dates I can’t reach.

Story of the Month

I will be posting a story of the month January 6th, 2017. Keep a look out for that.


Last but not least, I want to thank those of you who have chosen to follow me and like my story. You have no idea how it feels to come and see the little orange dot. It lifts me up nd keeps me pushing. I will be honest in saying when I don’t see comments or likes it makes me question if I should keep doing this. Then I come and see a little dot and it gives me a nudge. Thank you for following me and if you haven’t yet

Please follow, like, and comment. Your support is greatlygreatly appreciated. 


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