UPDATE: Responsibility

Happy Thursday,

Wow, I have come full circle and my story has yet to fly off the shelve. I am a bit concerned about that and I am working towards hurrying this story along. School as always, has taken up my time and for whatever reason I can not get into writing up chapter 13. I realize I do need a schedule for myself personally. I also lost my motivation as there is little to no comments. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate every comments given by those who follow.

Now I am taking full responsibility for not getting out there and connecting with people. I have not kept up with dates I posted and people most likely got tired of not seeing my post. Whatever the case might be, I am truly sorry for not keeping up.

BY the beginning of next week I will be more free to write and play the game.

If there is any suggestions or concerns about the site or story itself please leave a comment below. I will do my best to implement them as I go.



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