TOTD: Afro Hair Gallery

Hello Simmers,

My thought for today is to talk about a site, I discovered while I was conducting some research for an assignment.  I had to create a video for an assignment and yes, it involved the sims. During my research for resources and ideas I came upon this site providing hairstyles fitted for people with kinky hair texture.

Afro Hairstyle is a CC site that provides a database of hairstyles specifically catered to ethnic sims. With this discovery, I am excited and happy because it is something I have been searching for in a long time. I love all hair types but its nice to see hair textures that match my own. I know there are players who are looking for afro centric hairstyles and finding them might not be easy. For sites I Follow, there will be a page set up with links for Custom Made Contents. 

For more info on this site click here. They are on Tumblr so if you have an account you can follow them as well.

Until next time Happy Friday

Twinklestar25 aka gurllivinlarge



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