TOTD: When will Maxis/EA bring…

Happy Wednesday,

Its been a while since I have updated myself on the happenings of the sims game…mainly the expansions. Certain Sim Fan sites such as, are the top places i visit for information regarding expansion rumors. When sims 4 came out I did notice the site wasn’t updating much. That said whenever I get a chance I check the site out in hopes something new is posted.

In July an apology post was published and the owner  stated they were no longer interested in the game. To read that post you can visit the site.

Reading it for myself I completely understand where this person is coming from.

With the release of sims 4 a lot of changes were done to the game. Relatively many players were disappointed while others, loyal to fault, accepted the game for what it was. For me it took some warming up to, and yes, I fell into the trap EA set with the free game trial. Once I got into it I was sold, and bought the game.

Now I find myself not playing the game as often as I did sims 2 and 3. Its hard to explain and maybe someone can explain it better than I can but there is a missing element 2 and 3 provided.


  •  CAW – With this one you can alter certain lots but not as free as sims 3
  • Toddlers
  • weather
  • The freedom to explore the neighborhood without a loading screen
  • CARS
  • Washing Machines
  • Universities

The list might be longer than this but in my observation I believe the major thing for most people is this.

A lot of players bought expansion packs and stuff packs for sims 2 and 3. Players were well


settled into the families, and stories created. Expensive (or built) computers were purchased just to accommodate the game. Wishes and requests from 2 and 3 were yet to be fulfilled. Once they were filled EA slapped sims 4 down and said here you go this is it accept or leave. Then they dangled sweet things to lure players away and give them something that isn’t close to most people have supported all these years.

I don’t know how long I will stay a sims player but for now it is a form of recreation. With creative writing it is probably the only thing keeping me until EA really pays attention and provides a pack with a real punch.

The big question for me is when will EA come out with an expansion pack I am willing to spend 40 bucks on. 

Please feel free to comment your thoughts on this.

Twinklestar25 aka gurllivinlarge



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