UPDATE: What is happening?

Happy Monday,

I wanted to follow up with an update as to what is happening with me and the Bogsmirth Legacy. It is quite apparent weeks and a few months have gone by since I have posted anything. Right at the beginning of the summer I was ready to get into gear and start posting more chapters considering the flexibility of my schedule. I had two chapters drafted one of which was ready to go (CH 1.11 – Who can I  Trust).

With the days whipping by I lost track of time and couldn’t get into the momentum of writing. Surprisingly attending school allows my creative juices to flow.

What is happening with you?


In point form below the following is happening to me and it does effect how I ‘am able to write and post chapters.

  • I ‘am still in school
  • One of my siblings got engaged
  • I’m working on a special book project
  • attempting to organize my day

What is happening with Bogsmirth Legacy


I have not quit or abandon the story/legacy it is still going on strong. I will say that  gameplay has gone down to a minimum to none. I haven’t been playing the game like i use to but my family is still there. I actually got into the game yesterday for a few hours.

For content I have a folder filled with over 500 images just ready to be organized into a chapter.

Currently I am on Chapter 12 with chapter 13 not to far behind.

This story is going at a slow pace and I know that can be annoying. I am working a pushing the story forward and moving along.

With this new expansion coming out you will certainly see more action.

Thank you for your support and staying with me even at this juncture.

Twinklestar25 aka gurllivinlarge




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