Where have you been?

Hello Simmers, 

Let me first dust off the particles that have been collecting and gathering on this site. I then must apologize for my “disappearing act”. I am truly sorry for not keeping up with the story and abandoning the things I said I would do. I truly don’t have an excuse for why I didn’t keep up with the Bogsmirth legacy story. 

To be honest I got caught up with other things and time has flown by so fast. Before I can blink its another week gone by and another week gone by. 

I did do some travelling for the summer and I didn’t have access to my computer. Internet access was at a minimum (to none) and I could not go on the web as often as I would’ve liked.

With that said the Bogsmirth story is going on strong and I have more images than I can count. I am currently on chapter 12 and chapter 13 is not too far off. Yes I am still in school but I have selected classes that are close together in the week. This means for a better have of the week I have time to arrange my schedule in a way that works with what I have to do. It might also mean more posting time than before. 

I am hoping by the end of December Generation 1 will be done. 

At this point I will not pester anyone to join, follow or subscribe. I want to ensure everything is in a constant flow before inviting anyone to see my slight disorganization.

To those who are watching and waiting thank you. Your support is more than appreciated.

Twinklestar25 aka gurllivinlarge



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