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Happy Tuesday,

04-27-16_4-00-41 PM09-12-15_3-34 PMI took a quick stroll through my blog and was making sure everything was okay. While doing my regular check I noticed something was annoying me. You can just guess what that is. The images! They are slightly too big! With that said, I have decided to resize them and yes it means some WORK! Thanks to adobe Photoshop and its wonderful magic this can be done in a timely fashion. AS well as wordpress has this new thing where you can manually do it right in the draft mode. 

Starting from today and until I finish, you will begin to see images being reduced. 

Have a good day and summer as it has begun (here In BC )

BTW I am on Tumblr strictly for the purpose of Bogsmirth Legacy. I will be advertising the blog on there and posting chapter updates. 

Twinklestar25 aka gurllivinglarge



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