Resize Images?

They say an image has a thousand words ((paraphrasing) and within the sims community, it says a lot. I not too long ago made a brief comment on images and resizing. It was in response to some posts discussing the good and bad effects of a large image. I didn’t read a lot but I got enough to know some people are not into images that can take up your screen and loading time.

Prior to today I had noticed my images were a tad too big. I did shrug my shoulders and think nothing of it but after rereading my story I got concerned. I thought about how it made me feel while reading.

I didn’t feel bad but I did notice that my eyes did not look at the image. I scrolled down just to get to the words.

This discovery made me stop and think: How the size effect my readers.

I’m not sure how readers feel about the size of my images. I did get one or few comments that people loved my images but I’m not sure if the sizes are turning away my readers.

One of the posts I read stated they wouldn’t bother reading if the size of an image is too big. Reading this did make me concerned but it only confirmed what I asked myself before.

Does sizes matter (no pun intended)

leave a comment or take a poll and let me know your thoughts on this matter. 


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