Thought of the day: No Quitting

Hello, reader

It has been a long, long, long , long time since I posted a “thought of the day”. I must say the Christmas holiday had me ambitious. Making me believe the enw year would grant me the day and time to be up on my P’s and Q’s. Here I was making dates and times like a boss. Low and behold I could not get a handle on my schedule. on top of that my mind was consumed with assignments and other priorities, writing anything for this blog sight has become a mountain.


Coincidently, the best time for me to write is during the hour of sleep time. My brain magically opens and the flood flows. Writing Ch 1.6 and 1.7 was a real struggle. I could not get a hold of where I wanted to take the plot, or where it would take me. With less free time, I have to take my time and write whenever wherever I can.

I am still determined to see this story through and only time will tell how long this legacy will be.



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