Thanking my Readers

It is very encouraging when you work on something that you are not sure will garner followers but when you come online the stats prove you other wise. A proudness(is that a word) swells up at the orange dot brighter than any other object on the screen. You readily click it and see the various people from all over who  like, follow, and comment on your work.

It is a slow climb as is my story and there might be comments that say:

“its too slow”

“tooo boring”

no comments

or someone probably might not even like my site.

Whichever the case, I ‘am thankful for the support. I don’t mind the slow climb as I ‘am wired to start small and expand like a huge circle of light; catching all sides. I believe that with time, my goal will be reached. The journey and the results will have more meaning than a story that shoots quickly and fizzles out.

Before, I desperately wanted viewers and readers to follow me. I was making fancy site titles and piling more stuff on my plate than what could actually hold in my stomach. I was ready to create this mega forum that would have everyone following me and I wanted it fast! Through the years of mistakes and failure; wasted time and energy, I have come to learn, I don’t have to do that.

I guess this is why Bogsmirth has more meaning  because it forces me to focus the most important thing: the story itself. Yes I have a site with nics and nacs (if that makes sense) but the purpose and goal of my site is my character(s) story. I simply want to write.

Having said all of that, I truly appreciate the followers who have stayed with me even when I have disappeared for a time. Your patience and support is acknowledged and highly appreciated.





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