Writing Ch 1.5 and 1.6

Writing for these two chapters has been a challenge. I struggled to pull out something because so much was beating against me. During the Christmas Holidays my free time allotted me the benefits of drafting up chapters. This can be attributed to the fact that my mind was free. I didnt have to think about assignments or worry about a test coming in the next week. My Fall semester 2015 was complete. I passed my classes and I was over the moon. The creative writing bug was set loose. Coming in 2016 I set within myself to have a schedule but that went down hill.

That being said, I ‘am determined to finish this story because I cant let this one bite the dust like the rest. Even though its a computer game, the writer in me, is connected to Jimmy. I feel his journey and I want to see where it leads.

There are other characters who are catching me off guard. As much as the Pancakes annoy me, their back story helps set the foundation for Jimmy’s narrative (if that makes sense). The Longing in Eliza for the things she can’t (but is) determine to have will affect Jimmy in times to come.

Mara also plays a major role in the decisions our founder will make.

I can speak on other characters but lets leave that as an unexpected thing, like Jimmy’s life in Willow’s Creek.

I honestly hope you are enjoying this story and yes it is a bit slow on the climb but the end will justify the means.

For now, Happy Simming.

please dont forget to give feedback and likes. Also check out Rays of sunshine if you havent. Very interesting story.




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