UPDATE: Oh Snap! I think we have a winner

calm_zps7vsafiapGood Saturday,

Below are your updates for this week and coming.

  • I will be continuing to read Rays of sunshine
    • With my schedule still in the process of being organized, this month caught me unable to fully read ROS. I really do want to show my support but also get a good read. February is just around the corner and I wanted to be done reading before the month changes. Since I didnt get a chance to sit down and actually read this story, I will dedicate the next month to this story.
  • New Theme: Snaps Indeed!
    • For those of you who know or don’t, I have been working on organizing and my blog site. I’ve been behind the scenes trying to arrange pages, and posts in tidy fashion. It has been hard because I wanted to make sure my images and fonts were clearly visible but effective according the narrative of the legacy story. (shout out) Jes2G gave me some good feedback and advice which I took seriously.  With patients and a lot of experimenting and searching, I discovered a new theme SNAPS! I happened to, by chance, found this theme while developing another blog site for school.*grabbing head*
      I tested it out and saw how how well it displayed my content in a clean layout. The margins are well portioned and the images are kept in a good decent size. After such a long excruciating search I found what I was looking for. Let me…. (snapping fingers) Oh snap! I think we have found a winner! I will be sticking with this theme for a good, good, good, while!
  • Dates For Story
    • Last week, I made a post informing about when I would post coming chapters. There is a strong possibility two chapters will be posted on the same day. Ch.1.6 might be earlier than the 5th because I am writing as much as possible. Sometimes I’ll get hit and the story comes out strong and I ‘am able to post. fixing the images does take time so that is taken into consideration.
      Below is a list of dates.

      • Ch 1.6 > Feb 5th
      • Ch 1.7 > Feb 19th
      • Ch 1.8 > Feb 26th 
  • COOL FACTS will be post Jan 26th 2016
    • CH 1.4 and 1.5 have some cool facts about them. I will put those up NEXT WEEK.


  • Q/A – Questions and Answers
    • This is to answer any questions you might have in regards to CC or how I create effects with my pictures. I will make a section to answer the questions you might have.


I hope I am not missing anything but if I remember, by tomorrow I will add it.

Twinklestar25 a.k.a gurllivinlarge


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