The Sims 4 – Diversity

From the time the Sims game came out I never really considered ethnicity or diversity when it came to the human race. I enjoyed playing the game merely for the entertainment value it provided me. The game provides a small reprieve… an access to escape the responsibilities and cares I have on a regular basis. Just having the ability to be in control of a digital =, simulated family was thrilling in itself.

During the times I played the game, I did select a sim that seemed close enough to my skin pigmentation. However, I didn’t consider if the sim was Canadian, African, European, Asian and the list goes on. I didn’t look into what nation the sim was. I picked the sim that was close enough to who I was just because it was me playing. It wasn’t until Sims 2, (the giant to set this thing off) came into the picture. The launching of this phenomenon set off a world where people were beginning to show their creativity and we were started to see that the Sims could be of different nationalities.

The eyes, nose, lips, skin color, hair length/texture and body shape highlighted the ways in which we as players could go with our precious Sims. We could give them life, complexities and depth while maintaining the core entertainment value. Sims 2, certainly opened up a Pandora’s Box and the world that didn’t seem all that noticeable became a mega giant.

Dedicated, loyal, and hard-core fans took to the stream of creativity. Custom Contents were becoming a buffet of options for players to grab their heads and say “where should I start?”

“What do I pick?”

Now for me, as the player, I appreciated and enjoyed the contents provided but brewing beneath the surface I craved something. I didn’t scream or rant but it propelled me to take on the crazy task to make CC. I abused my brain going on the web and reading long tutorials on how to make one simple but complex hair style. My computer cried out from the programs I was force feeding it with. My poor time was consumed by this obsession to make one hairstyle that matched my own. I became successful in some funny way but couldn’t go any further. I didn’t have all the tools I needed to accomplish my goal and money as we all know, didn’t last. My ambitious venture died on the launching pad.




Here came the sims 3! The period we thought was the full stop to the gravy train for the Big suits at EA. Just when I thought I had seen it all with Sims 2, Sims 3 came and shot Sims 2 in the head. It rolled Sims 2 like a dead dog into the gravy and we didn’t see it again. Shout out to the faithful few and those who tried to download it and the computer chokes out the dusts.

I was a bit overwhelmed by this change in the chain… I barely got to the point where I could buy all the expansions for S2.

In any case…

At this point in the game, the feeling brewing beneath the surface was even more intensified and my search for ethnicity brought me to see others demanding for it. I even tried to beat my dead horse and try to make ethnic hair. I even got into the discussion and posted images of hair I believed should be in the game. Users were even getting more creative and my laptop got FULL of contents of different hairstyles.

My point in all of this is I ‘am hoping Sims 4 will see a change in the diverse hairstyles in the game. I wish I knew how to make CC and I wish I had to the time but I will say that I am in support of diverse hairstyles.

All the best






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