Happy New Year 2016 Update!

Hi Simmers, and readers,

Happ new


  • Ch. 1.5 & Ch. 1.6 will be posted between 8th and 15th  of this month
  • Chapters are now scheduled to be posted on two Fridays for every month.
  • Thoughts of the day will be posted on every other Wednesday
  • Updates will be posted every other Saturday
  • Following a new blog – I will be marking the story that Iam reading at the moment.
  • Jan 3rd was the best day for LIKES
  • COOL FACTS will be updated with new info
Changes will take affect as the week unfolds



It was truly a gift to see the responses I got for the Bogsmirth Legacy thus far. We are only (counting on finger) 1…4 to 5 chapters in with one currently being drafted.

I appreciate the support. Your feedback and discussions on the story is uplifting/encouraging. It gives me that nudge I need to sit down and write my story.

Just to touch on stories I am following:

I am following and reading more than one story from within the sims community. It is overwhelming to read so many stories at a time but I LOVE reading. I want to truly show my support and give my feedback as I would like the same. So in order to make sure the love is spread all over, I will be focusing on one story for at least a month. In the sims forum they have a book club and monthly reading dedicated for this very purpose. I am going to put a little something here just to show support to other sim writers and those looking for a good read on a rainy, snowy, sunny day.

You will notice a slight change in that section and I will be creating a new category (post) section solely for this purpose.

How I find these stories, you might ask, is simply by searching thesims forum and google. When I find one that catches my full attention I post it. Even if the story is not finish and the person disappears I still follow in hopes they return.

I just want to show my support because I know how it feels to work at something until you get that orange dot telling you receive something.

okay I have rambled on and its time to go work on a chapter.










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