British Columbia’s 4.9/4.8 Earth Quake

Good morning,

It was late in the night about 30 or 40 minutes past 11. Just three days to go until 2016. Enjoying my moment of freedom as I think about the days to come and what it entails for me. School starts on Monday and I am semi exicted as I’m looking forward to the courses I’m taking. Then it happens.

We here a rattle…the couch shakes subtly but it is felt.

What just happened!?!

Immediately I hug my sister as realization conks us on the head.


It was not even a good full second yet the experience left me feeling all kinds of emotions. I was thrilled yet feeling vulnerable all at the same time.

Many would give sarcastic remarks or take it as if it were a rollercoaster ride but for me I received a wake up call.

Anything could’ve happened. I even questioned if another quake would follow.

So many things are running though my mind like a marathon (got to use that in a story) and one thing I know at this age, I have to take every opportunity and run with it. I must go rearrange the way I do things and live my life.

I really give God thanks for my life.

Anyway enough ranting. I will precede this post with another update (regarding the sims story) as the year is upon us humans.



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