Hi viewers and visiting friends,

It has been an interesting  week. I had to write a script for my class and it turned out great. I had my sibling and classmate perform in it. Following that I had to rush home after 6:50pm to rewrite a paper. It took me up to 1:00am but I was able to finish it. That paper gave me the pass I needed for the course: CRIM. I have to say that final paper had me bugging out but it was worth it. I passed. The course itself was interesting because the writer in me saw all kinds of stories I could write. The things I learned in that class about criminology was really cool and disturbing considering the subject matter.

In all, I finished this semester and I am glad its over…for now. January is less than three weeks away (yikes!) but I can breath

Having said all that babble  on to more interesting things.

As you see and know, I am organizing the blog site. It has me pulling my hair out and scratching the heck out of my scalp.  The portfolio section is not working for me. When posting my stories, I noticed the words keep aligning in a weird way under the images. Some kind users at the sims lent me help but I came to realize and accept: Portfolio is mainly for exhibiting photos or images.

I did look for other themes but for now I want to stay stable. I actually like harmonic.

So I decided to use “Pages” to post my stories. I like how everything is aligned. I like how feature image can be used as a intro to the chapter.

For now this is the way.

As I said before in the previous post, if you have a better solution then I am open. If you like then “like”

Otherwise enjoy Jimmys story and share your comments and feedback.




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