Its a “F” an “awkward”

Hello, whomever  reads this,

Today really did it. I know this is a Sims blog site but hey, its one of the few places where I can release my thoughts and feelings with whatever faces me.  Frazzled

December 1st, the month that marks the end of the year, brought the wrench to my exhale. With my head held high and the relieve at my fingertips, I was ready to attend the last day of my CRIM class. I went through the excruciating process of sitting through three presentations. Out of (minor) anxiety, I kept gazing out the window, while envisioning my escape from mind trapping walls. When the hour struck the clock, I grabbed my coat, bag, and checked for my bus pass. I was ready to go.

Then it came.

The teacher began handing back the assignments and my heart snag raedy to see that C- or B+…the A was a mere wishful thinking.

I waited, while feeling confident that I did an outstanding job.

seven little words came like hands and grabbed me by the shoulder and crashed landed me back to reality.

It was an “F” and I can tell you right now, I really felt low and stupid. It was excruciatingly painful to grab the ledge and hold on. I could feel my mind wanting to sink to places where only God would find me.

I ‘am still reeling from it and that just goes to show how tired I really am with school. This doesn’t define me but for now it bothers me.

Leave your comments below (if you like) and share a moment where a rejection or a “F” has really hit you hard.








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