Heavy Manners

Good morning,

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining. The birds (black Raven and seagulls actually) are making their noise, as early as 6:00  in the am. In the duplex where I live, I can hear from my bedroom window people getting in their cars and going to their respective destinations. I will soon join that party but I wont be in a car. Public transit is the mode of transportation.
At this hour minute my focus is going in different directions. My school work as me under some “heavy manners”. I have 1-3 (probably 4) assignments due at the same time. One assignment had me up until 4am which left me with only 5-4 hours of sleep. Another project is likely to have me at home, all day, sitting in the same spot, for more than five hours.

What can I say, it is coming down to the holidays and the term for fall is coming to a close. AS mentioned in a previous post, my free time is almost here. just two weeks to go. Ironically the assignments I have are fun! yes they take up time and ALL the time I just want to lay down and do NOTHING. The adrenaline (with a prayer) keeps me going THOUGH. Also the idea and thought of posting my next chapter for this site keeps me going.

Any who, my goal is to have chapter 3 posted by the beginning of December which is literally next week.

For January, I have a day in mind for when I post segments for The Bogsmirth Legacy.




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