Writer’s: Aim and Target

Okay, Reader(s)

Its that time. I have set a goal to get the first five chapters up before the end of this year. I could say, in the middle of December but given my schedule and responsibilities with school, (and other priorities) I have to be realistic. I want to give myself that time to get everything together which includes: editing images, and draft. The blog site itself is something I also have to get around and through. I have to ensure that while reading the story, readers have easy access and navigation. I’ve set this standard for myself that the images and words are entertaining and clear.

process.jpgThere has been this process where I’ve been looking for themes fitting to the format. The format is just as important to me as the story. In order to ensure readers are engaged into my story, I want the images to have a good size. My characters are seen. Each activity my sim (Jimmy) is doing can be seen while and understood. This means Jimmy’s point of view is seen. How he feels about any situation is felt.

Over all my aim and target is to have a chapter posted and ready to go by a certain time and date. The holidays are underway which means I will have free time on my hands.

Ch. 1.0 is posted and Chapter 1.1 is currently in draft mode (its about to be posted) which I will be publishing either today or tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy my story and will continue to rate and provide conducive feedback.

Believe it or not writers do take into consideration the good and bad comments. We cant see everything because we are submerged in another world.

Okay I am done rambling

Happy Holidays, and Have a good read.


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