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Author Note:  (Image on top…Captions on bottom)Image 0.0

Prior to purchasing the Sims 4 game, I allowed myself to play around with the Sims 4 demo, and created a few customary Sims. The trial run was to see what the game had to offer within the scopes of CAS (Create-a-Sim). To my delight I found it rather intriguing to see how good-looking the Sims were. They seemed to have a story just by the mere sculpting, detail, and texture of their face. The Sim,(amongst other sims I made) in the above pic was made from that very concept I had conceived within myself.

Think box

The idea and narrative behind this sim was:

a  lonely, business man so focused on making money he fails to see the actual value of life.

While this impression roamed around in my head, the face and image of the man came to me. In all honesty I made the man not with the intention of making a story but to see what the sims 4 game in its entirety had to offer. I wanted to get a feel of how well the graphics were compared to the Sims 3 (which I believe is the greatest conception they made). With mixed emotions, I held on to the sims 3 (still hanging on) but got sucked in when EA/Maxis did their market strategy, and put out a Sims 4 demo. Of course like a moth to the flame I downloaded and tried it out. Clearly I was bought over and spent a good amount of money to buy the game.  A few months after buying the game, I encountered some technical problems with my laptop. This caused me to be without my laptop and I couldn’t play the game which didn’t bother me because I was notcomputer-crash-reasons hung up on playing sims that bad. The only thing that harped on me was the stories I couldn’t finish. With enough patients and cash, I purchased a new laptop and reconsidered writing stories for the sims and completing the old ones I left hanging.

Image 0.9

With Jimmy Bogsmirth, I recently got the inspiration to write a story. It came from some observation I made about other people and myself. After selecting him I  did a few touch-ups from the original sim.

Image 1

A few tweaks, here and there and this was the result in which I was satisfied. His name is Jimmy Bogsmirth, as you already know, and his story really is a blank slate. His parents are unknown and there is no evidence of him having siblings. He is a business savvy type of guy with a strong athlete trait. He is a painful perfectionist, and loves to be alone most of the time. He has a very low tolerance of people(strangers) being around him, and his mood can take a quick nose dive if there are too many strangers within his personal space. Ironically enough he does want to make friends but there is no telling if he will, given his personality.

Now in drafting this story I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go: Legacy Challenge, Short Story challenge, or Lets play the sim. I recently started a new blog a short story section where I would post short stories from old images I had taken from Sims 3. (I’m hoping to keep up with that.) After looking at Jimmy and his lovely suit I realized as a writer that there is a story with Jimmy; I believe a legacy challenge will it pull out. A short story no doubt can do the job as well, but since I ‘am actually playing the sim, a legacy story (with a challenge) is fitting.

Image 0.5

In starting out the legacy in proper standards… (Low funds, one founder etc…) I chose a lot with the perimeters of 30×20 because a large space does not interest me at the moment. In the game the Sims are limited to 20,000 dollars which can be altered through cheat codes. I didn’t want to go that route as I wanted to follow the process it takes for my Sims to attain a good financial standing; it’s realistic. That said the purchase of Potters Splay did leave a good amount of funds for Jimmy to buy a few items and for him to start at (typical) humble beginnings.

Image 0.8

There is no set plan for this story but the whole idea is to follow Jimmy and see where he takes me as the writer. I can’t say this will be a success or an epic fail. One thing I do know is I truly feel this one…the story is there (in my head of course) and I will follow it.

Please enjoy.

Your comments and constructive feedback are welcome! 🙂


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